Turning Twenty.

No longer a teen, no longer a child and suddenly considered an adult. Oh wow. I didn’t think that much would change, (as we all know that age is but a social construct) and that turned out to be true. There have been no drastic alterations since the clock turned twelve on the 11th of March, besides a subtle one in mindset.

To explain, I had a plan for what I thought would be the perfect birthday. I would have a get together the evening before with loads of wonderful humans and drinks thereafter making my way to an overly-crowded club to tipsily bring in my birthday while dancing (this all went according to plan, by the way, and I even wore a tiara the entire evening). My actual birthday was to be spent in Hout Bay visiting the puppers and kit cats at DARG as well as eating some of the most delicious yet uncommon foods around at the Hout Bay Market.

The day, however, took a different route. Shortly after waking up, I was told about the horrific fire taking place in Hout Bay. As to keep the area clear we thought it would be best to skip the visit and rather explore another part of Cape Town. Needless to say, this was only the first setback of the day. After attempting the Old Biscuit Mill and just being straight out overwhelmed by the immense amount of people, overpowering smells and sights as well as the heat we decided to head to Green Point for a cheap yet seriously satisfying burger from RocoMamas. So off the 6 of us went packed into the car and pretty ravenous.  Little did we know that Cape Town was already setting up for the Argus.

2 hours. That was the minimum amount of time spent in the traffic (we were so traumatized that a specific time cannot be clarified). At this point we were all getting a bit hangry and eventually decided the best thing was to park the car and walk to the nearest place that had food. We also attempted to go to the movies that evening only to find that the show we were hoping to watch was sold out.

Throughout the day there were multiple moments that could have caused me to say that I hadn’t had the best birthday – however there were so many small moments that honestly made it one of the more memorable ones.

I ate ice cream from The Creamery

We saw a couple taking wedding photos which meant my special day was also someone else’s

I cry-laughed in the car because of Reece’s ridiculous radio

Bean was incredibly sassy

There were dogs in the park

I got to spend it with some of the best people I know

I woke up and fell asleep next to my favourite human

Untitled design (2)

These were really small things that made me smile and left me going to sleep with a warm and happy heart. So even though I’m still the same person I was 2 weeks ago, I’ve had this little yet pertinent change in mindset.

 And as corny as it sounds, it is inevitably the minor moments that make up something great. (You’re welcome for that large helping of cheesy goodness.)



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