Self Portrait

Her face is slightly rounded and ends in a pointed chin. Her features are reasonably proportioned.

Her skin is lived in; scars and bumps are scattered but it is simultaneously smooth from a love of moisturising and skin care.

Dark, thick eyebrows frame her face and sit above deep brown eyes which are her most vulnerable feature. You can see everything in them.

Her lashes follow her eyebrows in their thickness and deep colour, allowing her to have the girlish and feminine look she aims to continuously portray.

A diamante stud sits on the right side of her nose as a symbol of autonomy; she waited many years to be able to make the decision of what she could and couldn’t do to her body. On top of that, it is an accessory that seems to suit her face.

Her cheeks are full when she smiles, taking up most of her face due to the massive grin that will arise. When in a neutral state, subtle shadows of cheek bones appear to enhance the womanly look of her face.

Her lips are full. They have been kissed and loved by an incredible man, they have spoken words that have uplifted and educated and spread love, and they have stretched to reveal her happiest of expressions.

To frame it all, messy waves of hair fall across her face and are tucked behind ears. The golden brown of her hair accentuates the lighter colours in her eyes.

And even though these features may seem simple and common, together they create a portrait of a girl who has a face filled with expression and passion and who is uniquely beautiful in her own way.



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