Update and Plan for the Week

Everything was going super well for the first three days of my self-care plan – I was making sure I did something small for myself every day and then proceeded to write a small blog post about it that evening.

But after those three days, life started taking over and making sure that I was occupied with all the crazy things it has to offer – and I forgot to take the time to focus on myself, which I found by the end of the week to be very necessary.

So I have decided to put in a bit more planning for the coming week in order to make sure that I have some time set aside for self-care every day. I have already decided on activities or tasks I want to do each day (and they all slot into my schedule quite well). And on top of these, I am going to make sure that I do very basic self-care as well because things that should be done every day are often left undone in the chaos of everyday life.

self care.jpg

So I want to make sure that I eat well and stay hydrated, that I am always at my cleanest and that I invite light into my space as well as make an effort to venture out into it as well. Then, I want to take my self-care that extra bit further by doing those other activities I have mentioned.

I am really looking forward to this week as I think I may have finally figured out a routine that is going to work for me; one that is going to make sure I nurture myself and one that will help me flourish.


Today I am so grateful for positive thinking and planning.


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