Week 2: End of the Week

Honestly, this weekend was great. So so great. I had the best time adventuring with my favorite people and just being present.

On Saturday we went to a place called the Clay Cafe which is situated in Hout Bay, Cape Town. I loved the concept of this place as you can sit outside in a lovely garden, paint a mug/bowl/plate in whichever way you please and simultaneously eat some really delicious food. I treated myself to breakfast and a brownie, as well as sharing a pot of earl grey tea (which seems to be my current obsession).

On top of all this, there was a trampoline that could handle people above the age of 5; my friend and I had the best time squealing and giggling as we fell about the giant bouncy net. It was amazing to lose our inhibitions and feel like a child again.

I made a little video of the day to keep for myself; a very short vlog of sorts. I’m glad I did this as it’s a sweet reminder of a really wonderful trip.

Today was just as great as I spent it with another really important person in my life. It was really lovely just to spend some time with them, be a little silly and have a laugh as well as just really enjoy their company. Writing this post just reminds me how lucky I really am.

Today I am so grateful for the people in my life.



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